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Company Origin

 In 1975, Chairman Jay Shane held the leather clothing business in the processing export zone in Kaohsiung, and he went to China for development in 1988. The company started from leather clothing sale, and after several transformation and upgrading, now owns complete furniture production chain, with almost 200 thousands kinds of products, thousands of leather, cloth materials, and highly self-made accessories. The stable production, experienced employees, and coherent distribution of the company won the trust of customers, which not only made us become their irreplaceable business partner, but also built the obstacle of same trades to enter the industry in short time.

SGH-KY (code 8482) has created the private brand in China and USA. In USA, the style of “Palatial” is revival and classical, and “Spectra Home” is simple America which conformed to the market trend. “Curture” in China launches two kinds of product styles. One is middle level products which is simple European style with ground/middle color and cloth material. The other is luxurious products which make with special leather and high illumination accessories of metal and stones.