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Our self-built vertical supply chain.

"300,000 square meters Cambodian manufacturing base. "

“180,000 square meters Chinese manufacturing base. ”

Shane Global Holding Inc.(“SGH”,Stock Code: 8482) founded in Sep.30, 2014 in Cayman Islands.
Our important operating subsidiaries include Shayne (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited, Shayne International Holdings Limited, Taiwan Branch (Cayman), both responsible for selling products, and (Hangzhou) Huatong Industries Inc., Ltd. and Shayne (Cambodia) Furniture Co., Ltd., which are primarily responsible for production.
Since 1999, our company has been engaged in the design, research and development, production, and sales of indoor furniture. After years of development, we have transitioned from an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) to an OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer), and our production scale has been continuously expanding.

By 2023, we have successfully established a full-category furniture vertical supply chain with 26 factories covering a total area of 480,000 square meters (180,000 square meters in China and 300,000 square meters in Cambodia) and approximately 2,600 employees.Chinese mainland Our complete furniture manufacturing production chain is capable of shipping approximately 4,500 40-foot containers per year, which can be completed within 17 days of receiving customized orders, and can be delivered to end customers on the West Coast and East Coast of the United States in the 5th and 7th weeks respectively.

Our one-stop service encompasses everything from design and sampling to planned orders combined with inventory management. We are capable of fulfilling customized orders starting from as low as one piece, as well as delivering large-scale production with fast turnaround times. Our strict quality control measures and the provision of door-to-door customs clearance and transportation services demonstrate the value of our comprehensive solutions, surpassing the capabilities of typical furniture factories.

Our sales market covers top-tier home furnishing retail brands in North America, Europe, and Australia, targeting the top 10% high-income customer segment with an annual household income of over $300,000 USD.

Our company clearly defines the responsibilities of each department, vertically and horizontally integrates them, and continuously improves operational processes to ensure well-organized management. This results in enhanced overall work efficiency, leading to the production of high-quality products and services, and increased customer satisfaction. Our group’s production base, (Hangzhou) Huatong Industries Inc., actively applies for certification from the China Quality Certification Center. By obtaining this certification, we seamlessly align with international standards and work diligently to maintain the competitiveness of our products and services. We aim to further expand into broader international markets.

  • In April 2004, we obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for our Quality Management System

(the latest certificate valid from April 24, 2023, to April 23, 2026).

  • In April 2023, we achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification for our Environmental Management System

(the latest certificate valid from April 24, 2023, to April 23, 2026).

  • Additionally, in April 2023, we received ISO 45001:2018 certification for our Occupational Health and Safety Management System

(the latest certificate valid from April 24, 2023, to April 23, 2026).

Company Origin

Mr. Shane Jay


Founder Mr. Shane Jay started his career in leather garment production and sales in the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone in 1975. In 1988, he expanded his business to mainland China. Initially focused on leather garment production and sales, the company adhered to the principles of “integrity and stability,” “customer satisfaction commitment,” and “innovation and sustainability.” Under Mr. Shane Jay’s leadership, the group overcame multiple business transformations and upgrades, eventually establishing a complete furniture production chain. Today, the company offers nearly 1,000,000 SKUs product models, a wide range of leather and fabric materials, and various highly customized components. With stable processes, experienced employees, and seamless logistics integration, the company has become a trusted and irreplaceable partner for its customers. It has also built formidable barriers to entry that are not easily replicated by competitors in the industry.

Shane Global Holding Inc. (stock code 8482) has established its own brands in the United States and China. The self-owned brand “Palatial” in the United States primarily focuses on traditional and retro classic designs. On the other hand, “Spectra Home” represents the trend-oriented minimalist style. In China, the self-owned brand “Gallerie Couture” offers a range of styles. The intermediate products feature a simple European style with earthy tones, neutral colors, and fabric materials. For the high-end (luxury) products, special leather and cowhide are used, complemented by metallic and stone accents to create high-impact pieces.



Set up Hangzhou Rilong Leather Products Co., Ltd.


Set up Hangzhou Huatong Industries Inc. by Jay Shane.


Hangzhou Huatong Industries Inc. set up our 1st furniture factory in Hangzhou Tonglu.


Set up Shayne Holding Inc. and Shayne International Holdings Limited.

Huatong 2nd plant started up, including framing, crafting, painting, cover cutting, sewing


Customized furniture(SPO) rolled out


Set up Spectra Home LLC(registered in New York)


Spectra Home LLC acquire the operation license, setting up JV International, LLC at the same time. Broaden the market share of United States.


Cooperate with American well-known furniture brand. Become one of the high-end furniture manufacturer.


Set up Shayne USA, LLC. Keep broadening the market share of United States. -Set up Hangzhou Couture Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

Set up Couture Furniture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Set up Shayne International Holdings Limited Taiwan Branch.

Set up the object of initial public offerings, Shane Global Holding Inc.(“SGH”) Rebuilt the organizational structure


Set up Hangzhou Huatong Industries Inc.’s 3rd factory
Merge Hilkinson (Macao commercial offshore) Ltd and renamed as Shayne (Macao commercial offshore) Ltd.
Employ expert as independent directors and set up Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee.


Debut in China market with opening the flag shop in Hangzhou.
Huatong 3rd plant ready.


Huatong 4th plant was ready, set up to produce wood furniture.


Shane Global Holding Inc.(code 8482) listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange(“TWSE”) since August 15, 2018.


Set up Shayne Furniture (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Set up Shane (Cambodia) Furniture Co., Ltd.

Core Values

Welcome to shayne


We proudly provide an extensive selection of over 1,000 types of selected fabrics readily available in our stock.
We offer one million SKUs of
ODM products.
3,100 experienced master craftsman
MOQ = 1 pcs
17 days from order placement to delivery
focus on top 8% of the population
satisfaction rate

product designs

We are committed to providing product designs and executing development four times a year for our retail partners.

inventory control

In the realm of inventory control, we take immense pride in offering an extensive selection of over 200 types of TOP GRAIN LEATHER, along with a variety of more than 1,000 carefully chosen fabric types, all readily available in our stock.


In terms of production, our vertically integrated, self-built supply chain factory spans an impressive 480,000 square meters and is operated by 3,100 experienced master craftsmen, ensuring superior quality and efficiency.


In terms of quality, we uphold stringent quality control procedures at each stage of our process. From incoming material quality control, through in-process quality control, to finished product quality control, we maintain a rigorous focus on excellence to ensure the finest quality in our offerings.


we have a robust assurance system in place, guided by international quality standards and best industry practices. From the selection of raw materials to the intricate craftsmanship involved in each production step, every aspect is inspected and evaluated rigorously.


Our commitment extends beyond the production process; we ensure timely delivery, superior after-sales service, and a seamless customer experience. Our ultimate goal is to provide not just furniture, but the assurance of unparalleled quality, durability, and style."

The core value of Just in Time(JIT)

Our robust operational management system ensures a balance between quality, lead time, and price advantages.

We possess a design capability and craftsmanship techniques that combine aesthetic beauty with excellent tactile experiences.

We have an experienced production team that ensures stable quality management.

We achieve high customer satisfaction among end-buyers.

We benefit from economies of scale and have strict cost control measures in place for production, resulting in efficient cost management.
We have direct collaborations with brand retailers, ensuring a win-win situation in terms of sales profit.

We have a mature and leading ability to handle custom orders.
With our complete furniture supply chain, we can fulfill orders and ship within 17 days.
We are committed to meeting order delivery deadlines and consider it our mission to ensure timely fulfillment.

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