Louis Liou

Cross-disciplinary architect, interior designer, and artist. With an artistic background, he was active in the international art scene during his studies and was invited as an exhibiting artist in international art exhibitions. With a deep passion for architecture and interior design, he combines his rich artistic experience with a personal understanding of contemporary Eastern culture to create a unique design style – “Fashionable Oriental · Avant-garde Art.” He is committed to creating spaces that blend contemporary art with the essence of Eastern humanistic spirit, leading the way in future spatial design aesthetics.

One of his notable works is the “DN Innovacation Restaurant,” which has been recognized as one of the outstanding restaurants in Asia by the renowned American food website, The Daily Meal. Another significant project is “My Journey at Zhongshan Liugong Mansion,” where he was invited by Louis Liou to create an art space for the Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s 30th-anniversary collection exhibition as a cross-disciplinary artist. His works have received prestigious awards for several years, including the German Design Award, iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, and Andrew Martin Interior Design Award. He is acclaimed as a “poet of spatial narratives” by the design community, thanks to his unique ability to convey stories through spatial design.

Works and Awards


DN Innovacion

Taipei HUANGJUE Construction Company

Geometric Refinement