Our company considers employees as valuable assets and has established various management methods and regulations, such as salary, promotion, rewards and punishments, leave, and social insurance, all of which comply with local laws and regulations. Through collaborative innovation, sustainability, and performance, we put these principles into practice, using them as the foundation for developing harmonious labor-management relationships.


Group Employee Compensation Policy

In accordance with Article 100, paragraph 2 of our company’s articles of incorporation, if the company makes a profit in the current year, a portion of the pre-tax net profit ranging from one to two percent shall be allocated as employee compensation. However, if the company has accumulated losses (including adjustments to undistributed earnings), an amount should be reserved in advance for compensation, and the remaining amount shall be allocated according to the aforementioned ratio.

Training and Development

Our company places great emphasis on employee training, including pre-employment training, on-the-job training, and external training assistance (full subsidies for external training). We have a practical education and training system designed to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of employees, based on their attributes, job development, and career planning, in order to improve the quality and skill levels of our employees.

Employee Benefits

  • Annual health check-ups during the period of employment.
  • Meal allowances or subsidies for clean and hygienic meals.
  • Employee dormitories or accommodation allowances.
  • Subsidies for employee weddings, funerals, and celebrations.
  • Birthday celebrations and travel allowances.

Retirement System

To take care of employees’ lives after retirement, the group and its subsidiaries have established retirement plans in accordance with local regulations. Employees contribute monthly to the pension insurance or allocate retirement pensions to designated accounts.

For domestic subsidiaries, employee retirement procedures are established in accordance with the “Labor Retirement Pension Act,” which is a defined contribution plan. Six percent of employees’ monthly salaries are allocated to individual retirement pension accounts at the Labor Insurance Bureau. For subsidiaries within mainland China, contributions are made according to local government regulations. A certain percentage of employees’ total salaries is allocated as old-age insurance funds and paid to relevant government departments, where it is deposited in individual employee accounts.