Corporate Governance – Board of Directors-

The composition structure of the board of directors

The Company has a total of eight directors, including four independent directors, who are respectively engaged in financial accounting and business management expertise, and have the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary to perform their duties. The method of election of directors and independent directors adopts a candidate nomination system, which is selected by shareholders from the list of candidates for directors and independent directors.


Succession planning for board members and key management personnel involves establishing a comprehensive plan to ensure smooth transitions and continuity of leadership.

The future composition of our board of directors will follow the current structure, and the members’ backgrounds and experiences will continue to be considered in the selection process.

Regarding the succession planning for the board of directors, our company has a pool of talented senior executives, which provides a strong talent pool for future board vacancies. As for independent directors, they are required to have relevant work experience in business, legal, finance, accounting, or corporate operations according to the law. The supply of such professionals in the domestic market is abundant, so our company’s succession planning for independent directors may involve experts from outside the company.

Managerial-level and above employees in our company are considered important management personnel, and each of them has been assigned a designated deputy to undergo training and development. In addition, based on our development strategy, investment plans, and the retirement status of employees, we conduct key personnel rotations within departments to cultivate a diverse pool of talent and facilitate the succession of talent within the organization.