Corporate Governance – Board of Directors-

Other Disclosures

Prevention of Insider Trading

The Company has established the “Prevention of Insider Trading Policy,” which prohibits directors or employees from profiting by using non-public information not available in the market, in order to safeguard the interests of investors and maintain the Company’s rights.

Furthermore, the Company stipulates in Article 10 of the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” that directors or employees, among other insiders, are prohibited from trading in securities with undisclosed material information in the market. This includes (but is not limited to) directors refraining from trading their shares during a closed period of 30 days prior to the announcement of the annual financial statements and 15 days prior to the announcement of quarterly financial statements. The Company calculates these closed periods based on the dates of Board meetings and notifies the directors accordingly to prevent inadvertent breaches of these regulations.

The company notified the directors of the next board meeting dates and the closed periods before the announcement of each quarterly financial report by email on March 27th, May 11th, August 25th, and November 10th in the 2023 fiscal year to prevent directors from inadvertently violating the regulation.

Integrity in Business Operations

The Company has established the “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” and “Code of Conduct,” which set forth that the Company’s directors, executives, and employees must comply with legal requirements and prevent dishonest conduct while conducting business. It explicitly states that no improper benefits shall be accepted, and that no dishonest or unlawful behavior shall be engaged in. Periodic communication to all employees on the importance of ethical behavior is mandated, along with the establishment of a whistleblowing system, compliance enforcement, and a complaint system.

In accordance with Article 16 of the ‘Integrity Operation Procedures and Code of Conduct,’ our company requires all directors and senior management personnel of the group to issue a statement confirming their adherence to the integrity operation policy. The signing rate is 100%. The statements signed for each fiscal year are as follows:


The Company also conducts regular assessments of dealings with customers and suppliers. In the event of any anomalies or illegal activities being identified, immediate measures are taken, and transactions may be suspended.

Regulations on Financial Transactions among Related Parties

The Company has established written regulations governing financial transactions among related parties and adheres to these procedures. The following is an index of these regulations:

  • Sales and purchase transactions: “Management Procedures for Related Party Transactions,” Article 5.
  • Acquisition or disposal of assets: “Operational Procedures for Asset Acquisition or Disposal,” Article 7.
  • Financial funding: “Operational Procedures for Providing Funds to Others.”
  • Endorsements and guarantees: “Operational Procedures for Endorsements and Guarantees.”

Information Security

The Company has formulated an “Information Security Policy” with the responsibility assigned to the Information Department. This department is responsible for planning and implementing information security protection, providing guidance to various units, and actively promoting policy compliance and implementation.