Corporate Governance – Functional Committees

The Company has established a Remuneration Committee for a fourth term from June 14, 2022 to June 13, 2025 from December 23, 2015, which consists of four independent directors, which faithfully performs the following functions and powers with the attention of a good manager, and submits its recommendations to the Board for discussion: 1. Regularly review and propose amendments to this policy and regulations. 2. Develop and regularly review the performance evaluation criteria for directors and executives, as well as the annual and long-term performance objectives. Also, establish policies, systems, standards, and structures for compensation and benefits. Disclose the content of performance evaluation criteria in the annual report. 3. Regularly evaluate the achievement of performance objectives for directors and executives of the company. Based on the evaluation results obtained from the performance evaluation criteria, establish the content and amount of individual compensation and benefits. The annual report should disclose the individual performance evaluation results of directors, supervisors, and executives, as well as the content, amount, and correlation between individual compensation and benefits and the performance evaluation results. This information should be included in the shareholder meeting report.

Functional committee members


The operation of the Remuneration Committee