Environmental sustainability

Shane Global Holding Inc.(hereinafter referred to as the Company) focuses on the impact of ecological efficiency, promotes and advocates the concept of sustainable consumption, continuously promotes green energy measures, strengthens operational energy efficiency management, and engages in R&D, procurement, production, operation and service and other business activities in accordance with the following principles to reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the natural environment and human beings:

1. Reduce resource and energy consumption in our products and services.

2. Minimize emissions of pollutants, toxic substances, and waste, and ensure proper waste management.

3. Enhance the recyclability and reusability of raw materials or products.

4. Maximize the sustainable use of renewable resources.

5. Extend the durability of products.

6. Enhance the efficiency of products and services.

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source and offers numerous environmental benefits. At Shane Global Holding Inc., we recognize the importance of utilizing solar energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risks. We actively participate in global environmental initiatives and strive to establish renewable energy systems as part of our commitment to energy conservation and carbon reduction. One of our subsidiaries, (Hangzhou) Huatong Industries Inc., has made significant strides in this area. In 2017, both of its largest manufacturing facilities completed the installation of solar panels. This initiative allows us to harness clean and sustainable energy to power our operations, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and lowering our carbon footprint.

Gender Equality

Our company has established recruitment and employment management procedures, anti-forced labor programs, anti-discrimination policies, and other internal regulations to explicitly declare the protection of employees’ rights in terms of age, working hours, holidays, gender, etc., ensuring that our colleagues are properly taken care of. Shayne International Holdings Limited Taiwan Branch, has also formulated the “Measures for Preventing Sexual Harassment, Complaints, and Disciplinary Actions” in accordance with the regulations of the Taiwan Ministry of Labor in September 2018.

We are committed to creating a gender-friendly work environment, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where women can fully utilize their talents and set a positive example in the industry. As of the end of 2023, female employees make up 46% of our workforce, and they are entitled to the following maternity-related benefits:

◇During pregnancy, one paid prenatal check-up leave day per month.

◇During childbirth, maternity leave ranging from 158 to 188 days.

◇During breastfeeding, one hour of breastfeeding leave per day. The company has also established a dedicated mother-and-baby room for the convenience of female employees in need.

Corporate and University Collaborations

Through collaborations between the company and universities, with our company as the platform, interns from Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou Business School have achieved significant success. They won second prize in the 18th “Agricultural Bank Cup”

Zhejiang Provincial University Electronic Commerce (Practical Competition), as well as the Special Award for Cross-Border E-Commerce Practical Competition and International Practice Competition (Provincial Level) in the 12th National College Students’ E-commerce “Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship” Challenge Competition.

Local Elder Care

Every year, our company arranges employees to visit the surrounding villages of our Hangzhou subsidiary to express condolences to local elderly residents aged over sixty and distribute condolence funds. Approximately 2000 elderly individuals participate in this annual event.